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Sonoco is a $5 billion global provider of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective solutions and display and packaging services.From our headquarters in Hartsville, S.C., and more than 330 operations in 34 countries, we produce packaging for a variety of industries and many of the world's most recognized brands, serving customers in 85 nations.
The Sonoco Products Company divides the world into three regions of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and each region is managed with a management company.
Sonoco Asia L.L.C, which manages the Asian region, manages individual companies in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. And we also share this company.
There are 18 bases and it deals with industrial paper tube, protective package, consumer package, flexible package, package design etc.

SONOCO Headquarters

SONOCO Headquarters

Collaboration with Sonoco

In 1964, Showa Marutsutsu established a joint company, Showa Products Company with Sonoco Products Company.Since then, Showa and Sonoco have been cooperating on technology and development on global basis. Many new products and technologies were introduced from sonoco to Showa, and Showa's original products and technologies were also introduced from Showa to Sonoco.

In Asia, we have been working with Sonoco Asia since 1990 to serve the Japanese customers as well as the local customers in countries.Many of our Japanese customers advanced to Asia at this time.In collaboration with Sonoco, we proceeded to do business so that we can supply the same package as the package they used in Japan.

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