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Social and Environmental Activities

Our Policy on Environment

In Unison with the Environment

In 1999, Showa Marutsutsu group (Showa Marutsutsu, Showa Products and Showa Plastics Molding.) set forth "Committee on Environment" to start with reduction of industrial waste. Ever since then, lots of progresses have been made aggressively to cope with emerging environmental issues such as adoption of "Eco" marking, Dioxin, total abolition of incinerator at all offices and incoporporation of waste-water treatment facilities. We are steadily advancing the certification acquisition of "ISO14001" of the environmental management system consecutively from 2002.

Symbolic mark on Environment

We bring forth the mark to symbolize our environmental activities.

Policy on Environment

Showa Marutsutsu Group since its foundation, offered the circulating type commodity which designates the recycled paper as the raw materials. We are commit to advance our activities of production, distribution or collection of ecological products, so as to construct circulating type society and protection of our planet.

Action Policy on Environment

  1. We provide products/services to contribute society and environment.
  2. We establish and maintain management system on environment.
  3. We comply with lows/rules/agreement on environment.
  4. We protect environment, coodinate and coexsist with offices as well as local society.
  5. We detect harmful element on environment, set up and achieve purposes/objectives/goals on environment issues.
  6. We effect industrial waste reduction, value industrial resources and make effective us of them.
  7. We educate and motivate all our offices on environment through educational activities and campaign.

Committee on Environment

Our committee on Environment does the plan of company-wide environmental measures, the decision/propulsion of activity plan and the decision/promotion of project theme. The committee also plays role of communication to the outside of the company as well as the enlightenment of environmental activities to the inside the company.

EMS sectional meeting

In the EMS sectional meeting, we are advancing promotion /introduction of the environmental management system at all offices, promoting acquisition of the ISO14000 certification, investigation of environmental-related laws, investigation/management of environment-unfriendly substance and compiling of ecological information, including MSDS..

ECO sectional meeting

In the ECO sectional meeting, reduction and proper processing of the industrial waste at all offices, effective utilization of the waste, promotion of recycling, propulsion of the energy conservation and studies of ecological procurement are done.